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Rumbam Engineers Ltd boasts a comprehensive system of applied computer technology and proven management, contract administration and quality assurance operating produces projects, irrespective of magnitude and nature undertaken by the company are given utmost priority and importance and care is taken not to ignore the slightest detail.


Rumbam Engineers is capable of carrying out assignments for industry, government bodies and international funding agencies. Key personnel employed by the company are capable and have successfully carried out such commissions in the past and it would not be too difficult implementing any in the near future. Clients are able to call upon Rumbam Engineers to undertake any project phase, from initial planning and feasibility studies through design and documentation to project management in the following fields:-

  • Transportation

           Airports, bridges, road, transport terminals, environmental impact studies, passenger and freight investigations and public participation programs.

  • Mining and Mineral Processing

           Mining services and facilities, transportations, townships and environmental studies.

  • Power Generation

           Power stations design and construction, cogeneration, transmission lines, waste disposal, resource inventories and environmental studies.

  • Commercial and Industrial Buildings

           Low to high rise office and residential buildings, factories, warehouses, retail developments, institution and recreational facilities, special purpose buildings like hospitals, educational, industrial, churches, commercial and detention     facilities and residential complexes.

  • Communication and Media Facilities

           Antenna support systems, tall steel lattice towers, telephone exchanges, equipment support systems and foundation systems in remote areas.

  • Urban Development

           Strategy planning, economic, demographic, environmental and tourism studies, new cities, townships and subdivisions, land reclamation, marinas and canal estate developments, redevelopment and conservation projects, low cost   housing, community recreation and tourist facilities, urban design, stereoscopes and landscape planning and social impact